If The Geek beat ended tomorrow (but it's not -- don't worry!), it would end on one hell of a high note. Two weeks ago, Justin Gray graciously agreed to do an interview with me all about comics, movies, and the upcoming live-action adaptation of Jonah Hex. (IF you haven't read it yet, go back and do so!) As I said before, one of my goals with this weekly column was to bring you some of the hardworking men and women who create all the stories we really geek out over. Can you believe I've managed to do it again? By sheer luck, this time it's Gray's co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti!

Palmiotti has had a very long career at Marvel and DC, and has worked on characters ranging from the Punisher to Hawkman. He's been the creator and co-creator of The New West,The Pro, Gatecrasher, Beautiful Killer, Ash, Cloudburst,Trigger Girl 6, Thrill Seeker and Painkiller Jane. He and Gray have teamed up for Jonah Hex, Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, 21 Down, The Resistance, DC's Countdown, Hawkman, Monolith, The Hills Have Eyes: The Beginning, and Friday the 13th and many others, including the upcoming The Last Resort. The first issue of Resort hits store shelves this Wednesday (check out the preview on Newsarama), and if you love zombies and 70s style exploitation, then it's the series for you. Demand your store order a copy in if they didn't snag you one already.

Palmotti graciously came by to talk about Resort (and why you should read it), zombie movies, how he feels about superheroes and their movies, where he'll be at ComicCon, and the experience of seeing Jonah Hex come alive. Read on!
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