While we await word on a Superman film that either will or will not happen during our lifetime, Supes co-creator Joe Shuster will instead enjoy some time on the big-screen as his secret identity as a fetish writer is revealed in a new book and, perhaps, an upcoming movie. Variety tells us that the Gotham Group has optioned the screen rights to Craig Yoe's Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman's Co-Creator Joe Shuster. In it, Yoe names Shuster as the secret artist behind a 16-volume mob-financed underground comic series depicting torture, S&M and all that weird, freaky stuff. The cover of Yoe's book -- which comes with an introduction by Stan Lee -- seductively depicts a woman who looks a lot like Lois Lane whipping a beefed-up dude who kinda resembles the Man of Steel without his shirt on. Hmmm ... just what did go on between those two behind closed doors?

Oh, but the story doesn't end with this book -- apparently it gets so much better and very Watchmen-esque (if you replace masked heroes with comics). See, the comics were sold very discretely in Times Squad bookstores until the leader of a group called the Brooklyn Thrill Killers claimed he and his fellow thugs used the comics as inspiration for a violent crime spree that included "flogging women with whips, humiliating vagrants, the beating death of one man and the drowning of another." Because of this, there were trials and a Supreme Court case -- all of which led to a major crackdown on comics in 1954.
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