fear agent dark horse comic movieUniversal is reportedly developing the Dark Horse sci-fi adventure comic Fear Agent for the big screen. The Risky Biz Blog tells us the studio is close to picking up a spec script for the project by Air Force One producer Jonathan Shestack. If you've ever read the comic, then you know this could turn out to be one batsh*t crazy film.

Fear Agent is no Star Trek, meaning it's not a space opera about professional and rational space explorers battling evil alien threats. It's an action-packed adventure book with tons of violence and crazy plot twists. The book's main character, Heath Huston, is a borderline alcoholic redneck astronaut. He's the kind of guy who would call Jim Kirk a "candy ass" right after breaking his nose for the millionth time and drinking him under the table. Rick Remender's comic follows Huston as he fights bizarre aliens (Space spiders! GIant octopoids!) as the last of Earth's fear agents, a dwindling breed of hardcore spacemen bent on protecting human life and kicking the ass of everything else.
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