Don't you just love when you hear about Hollywood options before ComicCon, so that you can pick them up at the con as a tasty treat for the ride home? Somehow I've missed catching Fear Agent, but I can sense a new addiction coming on, and just in time for the movie adaptation.

THR's Risky Biz Blog reports that Universal is in the early stages of developing Rick Remender's series Fear Agent. If you're like me, and never got to pick it up, the official site has a 23-page preview of Volume 1 up. The star of the series is one Heath Houston, a Texan who is one of the last "fear agents," a fancier way of saying "alien hunter." He's one of the last guys out there fighting the good fight to save planet Earth, but unfortunately he chooses to do it under the influence of whiskey. Yay for bitter, alcholic heroes! He reads like a cross between Bruce Campbell, Wolverine, and John McClane and could be a nice, beefy part for any actor worth his machismo. (I believe there were a few of those passed over for The Green Lantern -- maybe they could give this space cop a try?)

It's currently open to writers, but the studio may buy up a spec owned by producer Jonathan Shestack, and bring him on to help oversee the project. So far, of all the Universal / Dark Horse pair-ups, this one looks the most exciting, and a snarky antidote to Star Trek.
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