Forget saving money in this bad economy. Why not go for broke and drive around in the style of those infamous Ghostbusters 25 years after the first hit theaters?

Production Weekly's Twitter pointed to a car auction at eBay for an Ecto-1 ride. Not just any vehicle -- one from Universal Studios. Bidding has ended for the item, but even though the highest bid is ranked at the pricey $45,100.00, the reserve has not been met, so this puppy could go back onto the market. The 1959 Caddy is in a museum right now, and I'd surmise that that's the only place for it -- save for a few very special and slow rides around the block. Expensive, one-of-a-kind cars do not make for relaxing rides. The horror of getting keyed, dinged, or crashed is surely scarier than any old ghost.

But if that's too rich for your blood, do you know that you can grab decent replicas? There's a 1968 Cadillac in Virginia that has a Buy It Now price of $9,500.00, and a 1973 model in North Carolina whose starting bid is listed at $7,500.00. The former is a carefully restored Caddy sticking to the outer ghost-busting particulars, and the latter comes with high-tech rider perks inside like a TV/DVD/VHS system.

Do you love Ghostbusters enough to grab an Ecto-1?
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