UPDATE: Your votes have helped us (as a number six seed!) make it all the way to round three in Coffee Cake Extravaganza's website vs. blogs tournament. Now, however, we're going up against the monster that is Craigslist ... and we're kinda getting killed. Sure, we only offer strange movie fetishes here at Cinematical, but that's gotta be good for something! So, yeah, head back over and keep on voting for us -- there's still a long way to go.

We here at Cinematical are a fairly easy going lot, but every once and awhile, our competitive natures awaken and we go all Eye of the Tiger on everyone. This week, Roger Riddle sent us a very kind e-mail informing us that we've been nominated among many, many others for the title of favorite blog. Who are we up against? None other than VH1's Best Week Ever -- a fine blog to be sure, but is it the one you're reading right now? Does it offer you treats like Scenes We Love, Fan Rants, and Cinematical Seven? Do you get the awesome columns like 400 Screens, 400 Blows,From Page to Screen, Girls on Film, the Asian Cinema Scene, The Geek Beat? How many sites have this many writers, all grouped together under the watchful eye of Erik Davis and Scott Weinberg, who are so nice that none of us take sick days. Ever.

So, go vote for us on the Coffee Cake Extravaganza, help us climb the brackets, and win the title. The top title. Please do this for us ... please? We're just kind of hoping that the title comes with a free coffee cake, because we get pretty hungry behind the scenes, and would like some solid cake to go with the coffee we drink.

[Thanks Roger, for sending this to us]
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