Hugh Jackman in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'Would you buy makeup from Wolverine? Hugh Jackman wants to sell beauty products, and 20th Century Fox has obliged, according to Variety, buying a comedy pitch titled Avon Man as a star vehicle for the actor. It's the latest in a string of possibleprojects for him.

Jackman last exercised his funny bone with Woody Allen's Scoop in 2006; before that, you'd have to rewind all the way to Kate and Leopold in 2001 for a straight comic effort. Of course, even in his dramatic roles he's always got a wisecrack or quip at the ready, and his recent stint hosting the Academy Awards no doubt boosted his comedy credentials. If Avon Man develops as it was pitched, it would be a sweet-smelling, fully-clothed Full Monty. Jackman would play a laid-off car salesman who is recruited to become an Avon rep: "While the experience is initially emasculating," [really?] "he uses his charm and good looks to become a top seller ... [and] sets out to save his financially strapped family and town by conscripting his buddies into the makeup business to win a regional contest."

No doubt there will be mocking of -- while at the same time celebrating -- traditional masculinity and femininity, similar to Hitch, which was also written by Kevin Bisch, the successful pitcher. It's at least a couple of years away, but I'd like to see Jackman as a down-on-his-luck family man rallying his macho comrades. What do you think? Do the products fit the salesman?

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