After that stellar piece of cinema known as Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, I know you've all been dying for Renee Zellweger to put on some weight again and grab the role for a third time. Break out the party favors because now your wish is going to come true!

Variety reports that Working Title is scheming up a third movie in the series for Zellweger to once again star in. The project is still in the early stages -- a writer and director have not been picked -- but it "will likely be based on the weekly columns author Helen Fielding wrote in 2005 ... in which Bridget, now in her 40s, attempts to have a baby before it's too late." Yes, Jones wants to reproduce. Does anyone actually want to see this?

In the piece, which also reports that Cate Blanchett will star in Joe Wright's Indian Summer, Variety notes Working Title's financial woes, so Bridget must be the spunky horse whipped up to keep them afloat. Sadly, they're probably not wrong, since the first made almost $282 million worldwide, while the second still went strong with $262.

Will you be getting in line for Bridget Jones #3?
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