warehoue 13 resonance review (S01E02) With the set-up now out of the way, it's time for Warehouse 13 to start delivering the weird weekly sci-fi mysteries. This week, Pete and Myka traded barbs with Tricia Helfer, aka Battlestar Galactica's sexy Number Six. Helfer played an FBI agent investigating a series of bank robberies in Chicago. The twist? The banks were being robbed by baddies who blasted hypnotic ambient music from a portable record player.

"Resonance" offered a few other weird delights, like a scene with Pete playing ping-pong with his reflection and Artie's strange "Kodak moment." I still can't decide if the best thing about this show is the cast or the goofy old school tech everyone gets to play with. It certainly isn't the formulaic plots. Just like last week, the procedural elements of the story were pretty dull for a sci-fi show. The investigation felt more Law & Order than X-Files, even with all the fantastic elements and comedic scenes.

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