'Died Young, Stayed Pretty' - Review and Art by Ward Sutton (Village Voice)

Oh, I wish I could draw! Yesterday I mentioned that Eileen Yaghoobrian's very good doc Died Young, Stayed Pretty would be opening in New York. Yaghoobrian traveled for five years making her film, getting to know a multitude of very independent-minded rock music poster artists, and the documentary is an enjoyable overview / mini-portrait of an art form that is too rarely appreciated. The artists, many of whom appear to live at or near the poverty level, talk passionately about their work, their musical inspirations, and their lives. I saw the doc at SXSW and can recommend it highly.

In the spirit of the movie, The Village Voice asked artist Ward Sutton to review the movie in a unique way. He created 12 posters, with his review spread out among the 12, with his artistic renderings of scenes from the movie below the hand-printed text. It's a very cool way to discuss the movie, and it comes from the informed perspective of a very talented illustrator, cartoonist, writer, who himself has created music posters.

A poster show tied to the opening of the film is now on display at 303 Grand Street in Brooklyn. And, if you can, see the doc itself -- it will play at San Diego Comic-Con next Thursday, July 23, and has other upcoming screenings booked, which you can check out at the film's official site. Died Young, Stayed Pretty will make you think twice about the creativity and passion that drives the very best concert and club flyers and posters.