Ryuhei KitamuraLast summer we were bellyaching about Lionsgate's token release of Ryuhei Kitamura'sMidnight Meat Train, a very strong horror flick that may have been the victim of studio politics. Shoveled out into out-of-the-way discount theaters, the Clive Barker adaptation nevertheless held up despite the oft-dreadful screening conditions. (I drove 20 miles and sat in an uncomfortable seat, but it was still worth the effort.) Kitamura moved on to make Baton, an animated sci-fi action story. (Twitch has two trailers, which look really good.) And now the Japanese filmmaker is returning to horror.

Shock Til You Drop reports that Kitamura will direct Teratoma, described as "The Fly meets Rosemary's Baby" by producer Joel Soisson. The title takes its name "from the medical condition in which a subject forms a large tumor." As Shock's Ryan Rotten comments, this sounds like a 'body horror' picture in the tradition of David Cronenberg. Jim Agnew and Sean Keller (Dario Argento's Giallo) wrote the script.

Kitamura has come under a fair amount of criticism for his hyper-active directing, which most folks loved in the razor-edged Versus and not so much in follow-ups such as Aragami, Azumi, and Godzilla: Final Wars. I thought he reined in his stylistic excesses quite nicely in Midnight Meat Train, so I'm hoping that Teratoma continues in a similar vein, but not too much. What's body horror without some excessive flourishes?

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