After Daniel Radcliffe's trou-dropping Equus, Rupert Grint's wild Cherrybomb, and Robert Pattinson's sexy stint as Dali in Little Ashes, the world has been waiting with bated* breath for Emma Watson to continue the trend and fling herself out of Hogwarts with a sexy, adult role.

Of course, that means that The Sun has to do what they can to spark hope along. They say that the young actress, who has yet to appear on the big screen in a non-Potter role (she has one TV stint, a voice in Despereaux, and the upcoming Napoleon and Betsy on her roster), is going to head to the world of fairytales with Cinderella. Why would I then mention sexiness? It's a musical being schemed up by Marilyn Manson.

I imagine that this will stay firmly in the world of rumor and fan whimsy, whipped up from ideas about Manson's love and certain young blondes and Watson's lack of adult fare. Besides, she's got a lot on her plate as it is -- the two final stints with magic, her Napoleon romance, and university. Would she really add Manson to the mix?

... would you want her to?

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