Unfortunately I cannot yet share my opinion on Judd Apatow's new flick Funny People, which I watched recently at an undisclosed location in a city that will not be named. But, I can tell you that within the film there are clips from a bunch of fake films (we've already shared some of them with you), and they were created to decorate the past of George Simmons (Adam Sandler), a big-time actor who's made loads of money off a slew of craptacular comedies. Early on in the film, Simmons finds out he's living with a rare disease that will most likely kill him -- and it's that fact that sets this sort of life-adventure flick in motion.

Apatow has been writing these little blogs for MTV leading up to the release of Funny People on July 31, and the latest one reveals a longer version of the Merman scene that's actually in the film, as well as two fake movie scenes that just couldn't be squeezed in. One is called Sayonara Davey, which Apatow calls their "politically incorrect foreign exchange student movie," and the other is the obligatory dog-cop drama Dog's Best Friend (see the poster to the right). Check out all three clips after the jump, and learn more about Simmons' real-fake career (some of it is actually based on Sandler's early days) over on the fictional character's real website.

Watch the clips after the jump