Strigoi, a British film set and cast in Romania (but with English dialog), is proud to define itself as a "Vampire movie that defies categorization", but I'll give it the 'ole college try: Cemetery Man with blood suckers instead of brain eaters. Phew, that wasn't so bad. Granted, I haven't seen the movie, but judging from a trailer that blends grave digging (and rising) with a small village's comedy of errors it seems an apt comparison. And considering I hold Cemetery Man in the highest of high regards found in High Regard's Mountain-Side Township, that's not something I am wont to say lightly.

How can you not develop at least a schoolboy horror crush on a movie who's trailer opens with "Some people are born Strigoi and some people become Strigoi after death," and ends with that same Transylvanian tongued woman saying, "You're a good boy, Vlad. Cut out his heart."?

For more on what exactly a strigoi is head over to wikipedia, but not until clicking over to the official Strigoi site for the first trailer (a slightly different version is embeded below) and soundbyte goodness. While you're there, mouse over "About Strigoi" at the top of the page for a quick giggle. Unless you're at work, in which case, it wasn't me who told you to.
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