Robin Hardy's 1973 The Wicker Man holds a special place in the heart of many horror fans, but the goodness of the occult thriller has nearly been undone by Nicolas Cage, Neil LaBute, and "Not the beeeeeess!!" But Hardy's going to try to make you forget all of that bear-suited weirdness by returning to his world of Celtic sacrifice in The Wicker Tree. The Edinburgh Newsreports that the long delayed sequel has begun filming in and around Edinburgh (prettiest city in the world).

Dread Central has the scoop on the film's story, which isn't a direct sequel, but a story "in the style" of the original that explores the same occult world. But I'm a little worried this one could actually veer into Nic Cage camp when you consider its original title: Cowboys For Christ. Those cowboys are actually two Americans - a gospel singer named Beth and her cowboy boyfriend Steve. They're both members of those "waiting until marriage" movements, and decide to leave Texas for Scotland, in the hopes of converting the pagan population they believe lives there. After being mocked and abused ("Leave us and our kilt-wearing, sex-loving ways alone!"), they're welcomed with open arms to Tressock, the feudal fiefdom of Lachlan Morrison (Christopher Lee!). They assume their Tressock hosts want to hear more about silver promise rings, and the love of Jesus. Because, you know, Christopher Lee is just that type of guy. They're in for a big surprise ... especially if it's Beltane! The film has a release date of 2010, and we'll keep you updated on all its burning love and sacrifices.

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