I have this problem. I have really sensitive triggers to the '90s. Dazed and Confused. Cameron Crowe. Sheryl Lee. Grunge music. Pirate DJs and Christian Slater. Kevin Smith. Plaid. Hackers.

Get started on one train of thought and in no time, many parts of that decade flash through my mind. When I see that perfectly coiffed teen movie, I think back to Empire Records, Dazed, Pump Up the Volume, and the other films that didn't look like fashion ads. Movies about relationships lead me back to the days of Singles and Chasing Amy. And the music. Oh, the music. Sure, there was bubble-gum mainstream fare, but there was also so much that was fresh and unexplored.

One of the main reasons that I adore the '90s is because many of the films were just a little different, a little less polished, and all the better for it. I could never relate to Angelina Jolie's Kate Libby (I, for one, never had the urge to buy a boyfriend a pleather bikini for example.), but I could relate to the idea of her. I didn't want to start my own pirate radio station, but I loved Hard Harry's monologues and how his musical tastes threw another nail in the coffin of my pop-loving past.
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