The first big casting announcement is at hand. There has been a whole deluge of rumors about who would play Riley, Victoria's new right-hand man (of sorts) in Eclipse, the third installment of Twilight. Now the question has been answered. The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog reports that Australian actor Xavier Samuel will play Riley. If you have a thing for Down Under cinema, you might have seen him in Newcastle or September.

Now that I've actually read the Twilight series, there are two big question marks that loom overhead. For a vamp romance more concerned with cuddling than combat, one focused on the romantic inclination of tween and teen girls, how on earth will they deal with the bloodletting of the last two books? ...and with that, I give you a SPOILER ALERT...

Anyway... How will they deal with the showdown between Edward and Seth and Victoria and Riley, and then in Breaking Dawn, the bloody release of Renesmee and the vampification of Bella? Meyer might shy away from the particulars of Edward and Bella's romantic life, but she wasn't shy when it came to either of these two events.

Should things go along like the book, we'll see this cute Aussie lad literally ripped to pieces, and not just one subtle bite-and-spit like Edward performed in Twilight. Somehow I don't think the scene will make it as is. One, this is a highly youth-centric story and while some sexiness flies, decapitation is usually frowned upon. Two, it'd make time for more cuddling.

But what say you, Twihards?
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