'Jaws' Model by Mike Schultz

It's late at night, you've had an adult beverage or two, you fumble with your keys, stumble into your living room, snap on a lamp, and wham! You're face to face with a great white shark, ready to eat you. The latest Jaws collectible isn't quite life-size -- the shark in Steven Spielberg's classic was described as a 25-footer by Quint (Robert Shaw) -- but it's big enough to throw a decent scare into the unsuspecting. According to a press release (available at Dread Central), the "Bruce NTT piece is a full-length nose-to-tail maquette and dwarfs Sideshow's latest rendition at a little over 3 feet."

This looks pretty awesome. Maybe I could just run around with it, scaring the neighborhood kids. Self-described "finfan" Mike Schultz says he's spent years researching the project; he's a Missouri 911 operator by night and an artisan by day ... No detail, tooth, or scar was ignored in the process. Spielberg's art director Joe Alves has also been brought into the project as a consultant to ensure its attention to detail." Schultz even details which original prop shark inspired his work: "This model represents the more detailed and slimmer 'platform Bruce,' post Shark City build, but pre-waterlogged/damaged Bruce depicted later in the film." Glad we got that cleared up!

The model is scheduled to be manufactured as a licensed, very limited edition collectible, to be available next summer to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the release of Jaws. More information will be available at Operation Orca. Schultz thinks this could be "the ultimate conversation piece." Personally, I think you're gonna need a bigger living room.

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