Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game where you provide the answers to questions we never asked! Last week we dabbled in a little bit of wizardry and asked you to provide us with a fantastical caption for a photo from Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince. Congrats to our one grand prize winner for handing us a caption that was too hot for Hogwarts!

1. "Although it was an honest request, Ron decided to leave his helmet on before asking Hermione if she would like to help him find his snitch." -- Lilli H.

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This week we're searching for answers with Jeff Daniels in The Answer Man (previously titled Arlen Faber, due in theaters on July 24th), which follows a reclusive author of spirituality books who's approached by a single mother/recovering addict seeking answers and a little help from a guy who can barely help himself. This week the folks behind our three favorite captions will walk away with four Landmark movie theater tickets and one Magnolia DVD prize pack containing: Two Lovers, The Lost City, Man on Wire, Finding Amanda and A Thousand Years of Good Prayers. Think you have the answers? Sound off below ...

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