You know that old saying: "There is no such thing as bad publicity"? Well, Sacha Baron Cohen's newest film, Bruno, certainly seems to be putting that theory to the test. Cohen's latest has only been in theaters for a week now, but Bruno has galvanized audiences over whether or not the guy has finally crossed the line. Which line? We have no idea -- but there's gotta be some sort of line, and he has to be close to crossing it. Now a cinema in Navan, Ireland, has taken matters into their own hands and they're warning patrons about the "particularly vile" film when announcing show times during a hilarious pre-recorded message over the phone -- and they're not the only ones who feel that way about Cohen's latest creation.

Since its July 10th opening, critics and fans of Cohen's work have been weighing in on the shock comedy, and the bad news is that most of them haven't been as enthusiastic for the British comedian's antics this time around. Having seen the film I can honestly say that, yes, it is everything you think it is going to be. Bruno is silly, surprisingly smart at times, and not for the squeamish (here's Todd's take on the flick), but vile? I think that might be going just a tad too far.

Now, I've got nothing against disclaimers, and I'm all for audiences being a little more educated about what they're going to see at the theater rather than waiting until opening night and launching complaints about their offended sensibilities. But here's the thing: when does a disclaimer become a 'slam'? If I were an exec at Universal, I don't think I'd be too jazzed about my latest film being introduced with a caveat which basically states: 'Everyone hates this movie and you probably will too'. Would you?

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