I really do believe that the world needs more gladiator movies. It can't just end with Gladiator and a remake of Spartacus every couple of years. We need new men and women (yeah, there were female gladiators too) bashing it out in the sand and blood of the arena.

I might get my wish if Summit Entertainment and Jeff Wadlow go through with Arena, which has to be the most delicious pulp movie idea I've heard in months. (But you know me, I'm kind of easy to impress if its a sword and sandals type of thing.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arena is a sci-fi/gladiator epic that shoves a bunch of modern soldiers into some kind of creepy, shifting landscape. There, they are forced to do battle with the finest warriors from different eras in a gladitorial battle. It's not clear whether they'll be actual figures from history (I hope so -- let's throw King Leonidas and Miyamoto Mushashi in) or just fantasy versions, but it seems like it'd be a lot more fun if it was the former. It would also be fun if it turns out that the whole thing was staged purely for my entertainment.

Wadlow was originally set to direct Tomb for the studio, but the project stalled out. But they were keen to keep him around the place, so they handed him this offbeat script from Toby Wagstaff and Darren Howell, and put the ever busy Benderspink to producing it. Arena doesn't have a start date yet, but let's hope it fares better than Tomb.
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