While you'll have to file this firmly under "rumor" and "dreams," you can do an air punch at the very thought of just who Robert Rodriguez and Ethan Maniquis lined up for Machete. Bloody Disgusting reports that joining Danny Trejo in the Grindhouse spin-off are the following: Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah Hill, and (wait for it) Robert DeNiro.

Pause for a moment and repeat that: Robert DeNiro will share the screen with Danny Trejo in Machete. While it's still unconfirmed, BD notes that the source is none other than the one who sent them news of the Alien and Predator reboots, and those turned out to be true. So you can keep hope alive that you'll see DeNiro rocking the grindhouse world.

Machete will (obviously) revolve around the main character who is an ex-Federale who is gifted with a blade. He hides out as a day laborer, and works for an organization headed by a state senator. After he's double crossed by the corrupt Senator McLaughlin (DeNiro), he takes his vicious revenge. That's all we know for now, except that promises a dash of social commentary among all the hacking, slicing, and topless girl fondling -- and maybe, just maybe, Danny Trejo putting a bladed smackdown on Robert freaking DeNiro.
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