Ah, my dear readers. We've only just begun my exploration of horror, but already we must take a hiatus! This week, my brutal taskmaster Scott Weinberg is at FanTasia 2009 torturing William Goss (read Goss' first report here) for grins, which means he's unable to assign me assignment #5.

After that, I'm off to a place of true horror ... San Diego ComicCon. I'll be there Wednesday through Sunday, which means I won't have a chance to watch and review #5 before I leave. But don't think I'm going to forget all about our bouncing baby Horror Squad while I'm doing my pilgrimage through the halls of Geek Mecca. I plan on hitting up as many horror panels as my nerd schedule will allow, and bringing you all kinds of intriguing bits of promotion from the convention floor.

Who knows? Maybe I'll catch a horror flick or two while I'm out there. The Collector and Trick'R Treat are both playing the con, and I haven't even perused the nighttime programming selections yet. Perhaps Horror Virgin #5 will take place in a darkened convention room, where there is only the cold chill of an overactive air conditioning unit, and the soft sound of drunk geeks snoring.

If you're going, keep an eye out for a short redhead, bent double under a huge laptop bag or backpack, and stumbling blindly around the convention floor. If she has dark circles under her eyes, startlingly pale skin, and looks an awful lot like a member of the walking dead ... it's probably me. Buy me a Starbucks, would you?
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