Torchwood: Children of Earth
is a huge hit in the U.K. The miniseries event has garnered the saucy Doctor Who spin-off its biggest audience and best reviews to date. The fun comes to the U.S. next week when BBC America airs the first episode of the five-part miniseries on July 20. The network will follow the UK's broadcasting model, airing Children of Earth for five consecutive sci-fi filled nights.

Chris Jancelewicz ofAOL Canada talked to Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies about the miniseries and how this version of the show works on a more international level. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Davies on the epic scope of Children of Earth:

"I wanted it to be a big event. In Britain, it was moving to BBC1, the biggest channel in the country. They wanted to show it across the week, from Monday to Friday. The stakes were high, and I knew I had to make a big impact. I also wanted it to work on an international level, but again, relating it to the domestic story as well - the government, the police, the Army. Then there's America, the United Nations...that's the world, but you're still talking to people in their living rooms, their kitchens. Ordinary lives being changed by huge decisions.

Big events like all the children being affected, and the invasion of Species 456...truly exciting and terrifying. Writ large, yes. But I think I had something to say about the world, and I think that's the point."
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