As you know, next week is the ultimate celebration of fandom: San Diego ComicCon. Starting on Thursday, every sci-fi, comic, and horror fan worth his or her weight in credibility will be standing in line, cheering or booing Avatar, and hoping against hope to snag a chance to meet their industry idols. One of my friends compares being dropped off at the San Diego convention center to being thrown into Da Nang and he's right, except they had more food and water in Da Nang.

But we're willing to suffer lines, heat, and dehydration because we're fans. So to celebrate a week of San Diego devotion, we're having an ultimate fan poll to decide just what movies, characters, and actors to celebrate the best of the best, and find out who are the most worthy of our worship. It's a tough job to decide the top Scream Queen or the best sci-fi franchise of all time, but it must be done, and we're the only ones who can declare it. The winners will be announced right before ComicCon and while they won't get so much as a free t-shirt from us, they get major bragging rights that you chose them as number one!

So go over to Horror Squad and Sci Fi Squad and vote for your favorites today! Do it for democracy! Do it for fandom!