Now that Dakota Fanning has officially entered her teenage years, she's opened herself up to a whole bucket full of roles in a number of different teen-centric films each year. As she continues to dabble in the vampiric for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and the rock 'n roll for The Runaways, her name has come up once again in relation to a just-announced film in The Hollywood Reportercalled Bad Girls. Granted, THR doesn't mention her, however a source tells Cinematical that those in charge are eying Fanning or Emily Browning for the lead role in the film, which is based on Alex McAulay's book.

Bad Girls follows a wild teenager who's sent to some sort of wilderness survival camp on a remote Caribbean island where she then finds herself (along with the other girls) squaring off against dangerous drug dealers, rapists and killers when a murder during a hike sends the girls on a journey through the jungle. The book has been described as a cross between Lord of the Flies and Heathers (pretty awesome combo right there), and McAulay is adapting the script from his own book. At one time MTV Films was attempting to bring it to the screen, but they put it into turnaround where Inferno Entertainment picked it up. And as we said before, a source tells us both Dakota Fanning and Emily Browning (The Uninvited) are being looked at for the lead, though nothing official has been announced.

Which actress do you think could best survive the freaky Caribbean jungles?
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