I know from comments on past posts that I'm not the only moviegoer desperate for more of Captain Jack Aubrey. I'll go on record and say that as much as I enjoyed Captain Jack Sparrow, I'd much sooner take another journey with Aubrey and Stephen Maturin over a fourth Pirates.

There's a glimmer of hope now, as Russell Crowe talked to USA Today and said that very early talks were underway for a new Master and Commander installment. A script based on Patrick O'Brian's The Reverse of the Medal has been written, and like Far Side of the World, it's a combination of several different stories. Negotiations are currently underway to obtain the rights, but USA Today doesn't specify if they've lapsed, or if Fox lacks the neccessary books of the 20 volume series.

Crowe said that "there's still a long way to go," and that it's one of several projects he's considering, so we can't hold our breath. Medal would be quite the follow-up, since it would be an older Aubrey than we met before, and one who is embroiled in fraud charges and dealing with illegitimate offspring. It would also introduce that other side of Maturin, one that's distinctly different from his naturalist ways. I hope it happens, though. It would be a good time on land and sea for all!

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