Movie marketing is a dangerous business, especially in these here Internet days with fanboys and girls salivating for more more more and getting it in the blink of an eye. It's got to be hard to toe the line between whetting appetites and oversaturation, and we know that the studios don't always exceed. Every bit of information, every clip, and every image brings a production closer to the enough already boiling point.

But sometimes that horror seems to come in at minute one. While a pre-trailer image is supposed to excite us, it can also be the kiss of death. Remember Hilary Swank's many Amelia images? They certainly weren't inspiring confidence in the film, especially when facing off against Amy Adams' incarnation. A first-glimpse can be amazing and awe-invoking, but it can so easily bring disappointment.

After many stills and peeks at Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia abs, Entertainment Weekly has posted the first official image of the actor as Prince Dastan, while Empire has landed the first two posters (check them out below, and in larger form over at Empire) for the film. I really like most of Jake's work, and even (somehow) enjoy The Day After Tomorrow, but looking at these images makes me think they're pictures of Halloween costumes. He's got the strength, no doubt, but the hair and the overall look ... I'm not itching to see more, but am hoping trailers and the film itself will prove me wrong.

Looking at the bigger picture -- Do you find these first-release images help your excitement for a film, or do they, all too often, incite apprehension?
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