Possibly the most delightful YouTube video you'll watch this week features a young Japanese Harry Potter fan who gets to visit the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She's almost melting with joy as she puts on the Sorting Hat, waiting to find out what her Hogwarts house will be ... and then Harry himself, Daniel Radcliffe, creeps up behind her and says, "Gryffindore, isn't it?" Her reaction is priceless.

The high-school girl, whose name is Kana Matsuda, won a contest run by the Japanese comedy-variety show "Karakuri Terebi" to visit the UK set and interview the stars. She was chosen out of over 10,000 entrants, rabid Potter fans all. The best moments are when she asks if she can touch him, then gently pokes at his face (an experience that Radcliffe calls "the most surreal moment of my life"), and her joy at being gifted with her very own Hogwarts robe and wand. (The video is after the jump.)

Harry Potter is as hugely popular in Japan as it is in the West -- the image above is from the cover of a bootleg fan art/manga book, which are known in Japan as dojinsi, titled "Harry Potter and the Midnight Children." Also check out the episode of the Japanese program "Let's Go to School," when Radcliffe visited a Japanese girl's academy and was met with screams and hysterical crying.

The delightfully giddy Matsuda also interviewed Emma Watson and Rupert Grint -- video of those interviews can be found here and here. But check out the Radcliffe video after the jump, and be prepared to grin.
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