If ever a project knew how to bounce between apprehension and possible joy, I'd say it's the upcoming The Green Hornet. We've had Stephen Chow as director and Kato, Seth Rogen as the Hornet, Michel Gondry as director, a hunt for a new Kato with word that the actor wouldn't need martial arts experience, and then rumors that Cameron Diaz is in talks for the female lead.

Now Variety confirms that Diaz is negotiating to play a reporter and love interest to Rogen, while Nicolas Cage is in talks to play the gangster villain. Johnny Dollar perhaps? Someone entirely new? With the exception of his brief stint as Fu Mancho in Grindhouse's Werewolf Women of the SS, I haven't been pulled to a Cage film since Adaptation, so let's hope it's something good, and I hope, reminiscent of his grittier early days.

Then again, maybe it would be a waste. I've wavered back and forth on this whole idea of this project, and as neat as it sounds to have a comic-turned-movie at the hands of Gondry, he's got a whole heck of a lot of apprehension to beat.

Does The Green Hornet have any chance for greatness (or even goodness)? Or, is it destined to flail like The Spirit?
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