The main problem with a concept like Alien vs. Predator is that we simply don't care who "wins." (As if either species could actually "win" -- thereby negating potential sequels.) In their respective series, both the Aliens and the Predators were the villains - very slick, very slimy and very violent villains. And in that capacity, these creatures reign supreme. Jam the two species together for a claw-to-claw brawl-fest and the rooting interest is gone ... unless you actually have some human characters in there to offer some rooting interest. And this is where AvP fails. Resoundingly.

...and to think that all of this started with just a little in-joke from one of the Predator 2 set designers...

It's true. As any bona-fide fanboy can tell you, there was an "alien" skull cataloged among the predator's many trophies. From such inauspicious beginnings came a very popular comic book series, a line of best-selling video games, toys, keychains, etc. Even after Predator 2 and Alien: Resurrection were dismissed as disappointments (at best), the "Alien vs. Predator" revenue stream continued unabated. So it comes as no surprise that this movie has finally hit the screens, following many jettisoned screenplays and false starts.
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