It looks like there's a push to reveal the lingering strings of segregation in Mississippi. From HotDocs, I shared word of Prom Night in Mississippi, a great documentary covering Morgan Freeman's attempt to stop the segregated proms in his hometown. Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that Screen Gems is getting ready for a similar account called Holler, which was written by Dana Adam Shapiro, and will be produced by Jennifer Aniston's Echo Films.

Said to be based on true events, the film will follow a bi-racial student who heads back to his Mississippi hometown with his mother. He falls for a white girl, and is shocked when he learns that she can't be his prom date due to lingering segregation. "He soon finds himself the catalyst for change for not only the prom but for the school and entire town." I wonder if he calls up Freeman for help?

Shapiro is the director of the Oscar-nominated Murderball, as well as the environmental short My Biodegradable Heart, so this should mix the romance and drama with a decent amount of social conscience. (It could also have some quirk, if The Every Boy is any indication.) This probably won't kick any segregation-lovers into the 21st century, but at least it gets the story out there. In the meantime, you can check out Prom Night in Mississippi on HBO.
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