Watchmen Director's Cut
It may not have been exactly what Joel Silver was once scheming up, but Zack Snyder's adaptation is at the top of this week's new release list, with more goodness not included in the theatrical release. Blending new twists with a number of scenes straight out of the book, Watchmen is a film that Peter called "sledgehammer entertainment." Buy it. Also out on Blu-ray. (And big fans will want to also check out the Collector's Corner section for more Watchmen goodness.)

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Coraline slips into another world and finds an alternate version of her life that quickly turns from laughs to frights. Stop-motion animation in 3D, with a kickass female star, all from the mind of Neil Gaiman. In her review, Jette said it "is gorgeously fantastic, in all senses of the word." Buy it.Also on Blu-ray.

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The Great Buck Howard
And with this, we've got all great picks this week! The Great Buck Howard boasts John Malkovich in another classically crazy role, plus both father and son Hanks in the story of a struggling and aged mentalist desperate for his next big break. But the ultimate reason to check it out: In his review, Scott said the film "might be the most affectionate look back at old-school entertainment since Peter O'Toole boozed his way through My Favorite Year." That's high praise indeed. Buy it. Also on Blu-ray.

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Also out:Robot Chicken: Star Wars - Episode II, Echelon Conspiracy, Messengers 2: The Scarecrow, Super Capers, Skeleton Crew