By: Elisabeth Rappe

For the past month, people have asked me to put together a Real Girl's Guide to ComicCon. You probably remember that there was a bit of a stink about the LA Times' attempt at it. A lot of girls have already penned such lists though, and doing my own feels like an attempt to arrive fashionably late, hog some attention, and ignore the work of others. But as I've put together my own schedule, and wondered just what I would put on such a guide, I realized that there's no way in hell I should suggest things for female congoers, or that I would know what they'd like. I say that not as someone who sits on a lofty perch of gender, holding myself separate from my kind, but because women, just like men, have a variety of tastes and opinions.

I wrote something very similar this past March (how long ago that seems already) when Watchmencame out, and the world seemed skeptical that women would go see it. ComicCon is inspiring very similar feelings all around our great media culture, with mockery directed towards the New Moon ticketholders and skepticism directed at the rest of us. There's an ongoing belief that if a woman finds herself at ComicCon, she will be utterly lost and bored, and won't know what to do with herself. Presumably, she will follow her boyfriend or husband around all day, and possibly buy a Wonder Woman hoodie while he's buying a Punisher t-shirt. There will undoubtedly be some women like that, but there will certainly be just as many who bought tickets of their own free will and who will be lining up for Doctor Who and Avatar just like the men are.

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