Sorry, as much fun as it would be to see the bearded Texas Chainsaw Massacre originator rock a cover to 'More Human Than Human', I regret to inform you that Tobe Hooper is not out to revive the Rob Zombie band that died out a decade ago. Instead Hooper is reaching back nearly 8 decades for the inspiration to remake White Zombie, the 1932 film Rob Zombie loved enough to name his band after. According to Shock, that is, who has been hearing word of Hooper's interest in taking the director's seat for a remake produced by The Haunting in Connecticut exec Steve Whitney.

The Victor Halperin directed original about an engaged couple who fall prey to a wealthy man's ill-conceived wife snatching plot is fitting source material for Hooper, who has always favored family centered horror. There is no word yet on whether a Hooper led White Zombie will keep the Haitian setting or opt for a distinctly more American backdrop for the tale of a jealous man who employs a witch doctor to make a zombie out of his unrequited love. There's also no hints as to who Hooper could find to fill the shoes of genre legend Bela Lugosi, but I'd like to just toss out Benecio Del Toro. He's already busy revisiting a popular monster from the black and white era, why not just give him the set?
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