It's just been a few months since Uma Thurman broke out of her child-caring rut (Motherhood and Eloise in Paris) by grabbing an excellent gig as Medusa in Percy Jackson & the Olympians. And now she's already going back to the kids. However, this time it won't be all laughs. Variety reports that Thurman will star in a new indie drama called Girl Soldier, which Stephanie Pinola and Karen Croner wrote, and Will Raee will direct.

Based on Canadian author Kathy Cook's Stolen Angels, the film will focus on the 1996 raid on a boarding school in Uganda, "where a band of armed rebels abducted young girls to turn them into soldiers and sex slaves." Variety goes on to say that Sister Caroline (Thurman) hunted the rebels down, demanded the girls' release, got 110 back, and after further efforts, 140. The book's website, however, says it was 30 Ugandan schoolgirls. Typo? Number confusion? Hollywood exuberance? (Any readers of the book care to clear up the confusion?)

Regardless of the amounts, it's nice to see the issue getting some cinematic play, and doubly nice that Thurman is taking more dramatic work. (As a nun with the nerve to face down soldiers? All the better.) Some of her comedies are alright, but nothing compares to the dramas and and irresistably pulpy stints with Tarantino.

The film should begin production next year.
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