When the first glimpse of Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2 hit last week, it was surprisingly hard to recognize the actress in her red-headed Black Widow-wear. I'm not sure anyone expected that much of a transformation. Now we can see what Natasha Romanoff looks like when she's not in her Widow ensemble, and for better or worse, Johansson is a whole lot easier to spot.

The image to the right debuted over at Yahoo (go there for the full image), and as you can see, it's 100% Johansson. That's not exactly a bad thing since she's not in her head-to-toe black fighter-wear -- no matter what the clothing is, she's looking cool. But the image is such a small part of this whole project that this doesn't say a whole lot about her casting overall. I wouldn't be surprised if she can do the physical stunts required of her, but the accent. Oh, that accent. Does any other fear for the sequel outweigh what Natasha will sound like?

Nevertheless, Jon Favreau was smart -- instilling hope and excitement to nullify any Johansson pessimism before we see, and hear, more. But even with kinder thoughts ... do you think Scarlett can pull off the Russian sound?

Also, in addition to these photos, USA Today has published another set. See two below the jump.
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