Following in the footsteps of Speed Racer – albeit in animated rather than live-action form – another iconic figure in the history of Japanese animation, Astro Boy, is being updated and reimagined for the silver screen. David Bowers, who previously helmed the Dreamworks animated film Flushed Away, introduced clips and offered a glimpse of the film to a small group of journalists several weeks ago at Imagi's Los Angeles-based production offices.

Astro Boy is based on Osamu Tekuza's 1952 manga, which was developed into a television series in 1963 and subsequently enjoyed multiple incarnations and reinventions in print and on film. The 2009 feature film promises to stay largely faithful to the sleek and simple design of the character, but with a few updates to his look and his mythology. As the second film from burgeoning animation studio Imagi after 2007's TMNT, Bowers said that he wanted to make sure that the story was both fun and substantive.
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