Let's take a little look back to the path Atlas Shrugged has taken since Cinematical came on the scene.

First, there was a rumor that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wanted to star. Jolie's involvement was soon confirmed. Then Braveheart scribe Randall Wallace was tapped to pen a script. Just over a year after this all came to be, Jolie noted that progress had stalled. But hope was not lost -- Vadim Perelman signed on to rewrite the script and direct it. Then it looked like production was right around thecorner. Nope. Perelman shrugged off the project last year, and things have been quiet since.

But now Angelina Jolie's name isn't heading the news. Charlize Theron's is. THR's Risky Biz Blog reports that Lionsgate has been meeting with the actress and continuing the adaptation's development. She was eager to play Dagny Taggart ... if the project didn't "lose many of the nuances of the monster-sized novel." Obviously, there is absolutely no way to create a feature film without strict editing so, yes, this means a television miniseries -- one that would air on Epix, a pay-cable channel being formed by Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount.
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