Though it's still months away from release, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland has already generated considerable interest. Johnny Depp's star power can properly be credited -- who doesn't want to see him play The Mad Hatter? -- but I think most people would concede that the project wouldn't be 1/10 as promising if it wasn't Tim Burton at the helm. Burton has created more fantastical, wildly different worlds than most any other filmmaker, so the prospect of him unleashing his imagination on the world of Lewis Carroll is enough to make me giggle like a little boy.

All that to say that the official site for the filmmaker has a teaser gallery for The Art of Tim Burton, a massive book coming this fall that will provide "a comprehensive look at the personal and project artwork of Tim Burton," featuring more than 1,000 illustrations and 400 pages. A host of collaborators and friends, including Depp, Winona Ryder, and Christopher Lee, are contributing text to the book, which will have a number of fold-outs. Both standard and deluxe editions are promised.

In the meantime, you can look at a few of the pretty pictures in the gallery below, and then head to Burton's site to check out all the samples -- and you get to move Stain Boy around! It's a bit cumbersome, but cute. And the lovely, evocative images (Sleepy Hollow, Batman, and on and on) are a timely reminder that Burton began his career as an artist and animator, a key reason why he's developed into such a distinctive filmmaker.

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