I believe we may have done this once before, and it's a geek-friendly internet game that's been around a lot longer than Cinematical ... but hey, fun is fun, right? Plus we wanted to do something nerdish and colorful to kick off the worldwide Comic Con festivites. (Oh, it's only in San Diego? It only feels like a global event? Gotcha.) Anyway, you should know how this works: Deep within the confines of my hard drive there lies a list of over 64 Superhero Movies. But before we can truly get started we need to whittle that list down to precisely 64, at which point I'll randomize the films, bracket them accordingly, and begin the game proper.

So here's how you start: I will give you a bunch of choices. You pick which film you like more. Yes, just like on Flickchart, you addicts. The winners earn the right to make the big show: The full 64. What an honor. But before we get to the good stuff, we must wade through choices like these:

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