Abattoir may simply be French for "slaughterhouse", but I've always thought it was a far, far more sinister word. Possibly it's because whenever someone wants to describe a true bloody chamber of horrors, they always call it an abattoir instead of "slaughterhouse" "torture room" or "that basement where all the bodies were!"

So the mere title of Darren Lynn Bousman's latest trip to the dark side has me good, scared, and intrigued. Variety reports that the plot centers on a real estate agent assigned the awful task of cleaning up the remnants of a massacre that took place in a for-sale mansion. As if the job wasn't gross enough, he's visited by a creepy old man who leads him into "a web of shadows, murders, and massacres." Something tells me that real estate agent isn't getting that big commission he banked on.

Bousman is writing and directing the film for Radical Pictures, a spin-off of Radical Comics who are just churning out the adaptations lately. (Caliber,Freedom Formula, and Hercules are just three they've got going right now.) Naturally, Radical and Bousman are are looking to the future, and this could be the first of many visits to the Abattoir. "After taking over the Saw franchise for so long and then directing Mother's Day based on the original film, this is exciting because it is an original concept and we feel it could be a huge franchise," says Bousman.

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