Wimpy Kid is gaining some muscle! Jeff Kenney's bestselling series was optioned by Fox 2000 last year, and they put Thor Freudenthal in the director's chair this past December.

But just who is going to play the title Wimpy? It's not as big of a casting announcement as, say, Captain America but Greg Heffley has his fans and they want to know! According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's Zachary Gordon, a young up and comer who has been looking for his first major leading role. While a lot of sites (I'm looking at you Wikipedia) portray Greg as an unpleasant sort of fellow, his various schemes (haunted houses, giant snowmen) towards popularity sound pretty hilarious.

He may be the title character, but Gordon won't be playing the movie solo. He'll have the friendship of Chloe Moretz (currently the talk of geekdom with her gun-wielding, sword-swinging ways in Kick-Ass), who'll be playing the class Daria, a student with a penchant for black and "a wry sense of humor." Naturally, he also needs a mommy, and that role will be filled by Rachael Harris, who has just the right glasses for the part. It should be a fun, snarky movie for the younger set -- and given how many adults are reading the series, one that could cross over well if handled right. 16 million readers can't be wrong, can they?

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