I remember once watching an interview with R&B superstar Patti LaBelle and when they asked her about the state of celebrity gossip and the paparazzi, this was her sage advice (and I'm paraphrasing): "If you don't want your picture taken sit your a** at home". Now normally I would agree with her, but when it comes to British 'It' girl, Sienna Miller, I don't think that particular rule applies, because if it did, she might never get to leave her house again. During a radio interview with Australia's Matt & Jo, the actress got a little testy when the topic of her alleged-boyfriend Balthazar Getty came up in the conversation (the interview, which you can listen to below, takes place at the beginning of the recording). It all started to go downhill when Miller took offense to some of the DJ's comments and called him a "d-bag" and "misogynist". But when Getty's name came up things went from bad to worse and the interview is cut painfully short.

Miller should know better than anybody the power of an unkind word, because from the moment she arrived on the scene as 'the other woman', the knives have been out. She's become a tabloid staple and has even had her home vandalized thanks to characterizations about her personal life. Unfortunately, her career has taken a back-seat to her love life, and she has yet to have a hit (critically or commercially). G.I. JOE was her first chance at a starring role in a big-budget action flick, and maybe finally to make a name for herself as something other than some married guy's girlfriend. But if this interview is any indication of Miller's future relationship with the press, I don't see them backing off any time soon. Listen to the interview below.

So what do you think? Was Miller out of line, or was it about time she said enough is enough?
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