torchwood children of earth gwen

Gwen is a badass. And that Ianto sure is one clever boy. With Captain Jack busy growing back his body parts, Torchwood's non-super-powered players took center stage in Children of Earth's fast and furious second hour.

Day two started out with a rush of action movie awesomeness as Gwen blasted her way out of a scary situation. I don't remember the danger ever feeling so immediate and real in Torchwood. The opening minutes were edge-of-your-seat tense, and the swift pace rarely let up.

As Ianto looked for a way to save Jack, Gwen and Rhys got to spend some quality time together tying up morticians and running away from evil government agents. There was a lot of chasing and gunplay in this ep, but there were also some great character moments in between all the thrills and suspense.
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