The long-in-gestation feature trek for World of Warcraft has been slow, and even after we learned that a script was still in the works last year, it's been a quiet trek. But now the lid might be blown sky-frakking-high, and maybe silence was the best policy!

According to AICN, there's a director attached to the film -- and it ain't Uwe Boll. No, it's a whole lot better -- Sam Raimi. [Variety has just confirmed this] And with that, the whole potential for this adaptation was thrust into a whole different universe. According to Harry Knowles, this deal is set and will hit the trades sometime in the next week or so. "Sam is going to make a huge budget fantasy bit of unf**kingimaginable coolness -- and it will be yanked from the World of Warcraft."

Warcraft will be Raimi's oyster, and what he pulls from that should be quite sweet. Having said that, I'm going to throw out a hope of mine -- that some talented WOW-loving ladies in Hollywood get to be involved. Of course, the top of that list would be Felicia Day. After creating The Guild, she's just got to be included in some shape or form. Star perhaps?

What say you, WOW fans? Does Raimi tickle your fancy, or would you rather ignore Hollywood and keep playing? And how should he go about making this?
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