In the early '90s, Anna Chlumsky was one of the most recognizable child stars in America. Her turn as the unforgettably named Vada Sultenfuss in 'My Girl' had wowed critics and won the hearts of filmgoers (don't even pretend you weren't choking back tears during that funeral scene). And then, suddenly, she just disappeared.

But don't worry: Chlumsky did not become another washed-up child-star casualty of the Hollywood machine. Instead, she gave up acting to focus on her education, earning a degree in International Relations from the prestigious University of Chicago before going on to a career in book publishing.

Thankfully for fans, the lure of the screen was too much for Anna to ignore, and the now 28-year-old is back on the big screen as a sultry, seductive, very un-Vada-like State Department assistant in the BBC political satire 'In the Loop.' In an exclusive interview, Anna reveals why she's giving acting another go, reminisces about 'My Girl' ... and shares her favorite James Gandolfini story.
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