It's not every day that our animation comes with a slice of political commentary and adult themes. But now, following in the steps of South Park and Team America, Variety reports that the off-Broadway musical Smoking Bloomberg is getting animated. The vague plot sounds alright, stating that Bloomberg "follows a Korean dry cleaner who hopes to overturn the 2003 smoking ban championed by New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg." But that's like reducing Watchmen to a bunch of people running around in superhero outfits.

You can read a very detailed synopsis at the project's site, which makes the whole plot a whole lot clearer. Here are some of the bits -- by "overturn," we're talking all-out Bloomberg revenge, and there's Alif, a man who keeps getting arrested for being Arab American, a fellow dry cleaner who supports himself as a prostitute, smoking rebellions, and Gary Busey, who is mistaken for Nick Nolte and seems to be the icon for the movement, right down to a song that belts out: "Cuz no one wants to mess around with the motherf**king Prince of Tides!"

You can check out some early animation here, and the full Nolte song here. The animation brings to mind a better-done collection of Wii Miis, and I can't get enough of the Busey Nolte. In fact -- Variety says the producers are "exploring more than one media platform," so could we get a Nolte smackdown game? That'd be prime.

Will you get in line for some smoking animation?
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