Get ready for Ms. McClane in space!

The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Len Wiseman, the man behind Underworld, has picked up the graphic novel Shrapnel, created by Nick Sagan and Zombie Studios chief Mark Long. As the trade describes, Wiseman was checking out comic book stores with his daughter when he happened to see the novel the day it hit the stands -- a discovery that immediately drove him to obtain the rights.

is a science-fiction tale set in the future, where humans are colonizing the planets and have formed a Solar Alliance to govern them. Venus, however, is the last rebellious holdout, and "a self-exiled former Marine" has to teach Venus' inhabitants how to fight back. THR goes on to note the director's love for reluctant heroes like John McClane. But they leave out one huge detail: The marine is a woman! As they describe it on, she's "the most INFAMOUS HEROINE" and must organize a revolt to give the colonies their freedom.

Female fighters are usually relegated to the halls of fantasy and science fiction, so this isn't the biggest surprise, but a nice one nonetheless. And maybe, just maybe, we're one step close to a Ms. McClane in real time, without the fantasy, superpowers, and space.
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