First, I have to thank Frontier Airlines for going out of their way to make sure I made Preview Night so that I could bring you the talk of the night: the Twilight tent town. The New Moon fans have been camping out since Tuesday night, and they have quite the little commune going outside of Hall H. I had to stop by and see for myself and before I even approached the first tent, you could hear the hoots of derision. "Have you even read Twilight?" said one woman to a fanboy critic. "No? Then you can't judge what you don't know!" Fair enough. I do have to admire their devotion. I don't think I have enough fangirl love in me to camp out for anything short of a Hugh Jackman striptease and even then, I think my pillow and comforter would win out. I'm an indoor sort of girl. Which is why I'm at Comic-Con and not, say, hiking through the Swiss Alps or something like that.

I have to say, I think hiking the Swiss Alps would be less tiring. I only managed one meal today, and spent much of my evening trying to obtain food or clean clothing. (Waiting in the press line made me desperate for a clean, dry shirt. It didn't seem that hot when I stepped off the plane!) The display hall feels like a fever dream, and so few of the booth displays have changed from last year that I feel like I never left.

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